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Zero Gravity Creations founders, Aric and Tim, needed to create an upscale subsidiary brand to sell their high-value and unique products. Their proprietary technology fuses glass and metal on a molecular level and allows them to make distinctive pieces. Before brand development could begin, help was needed defining the target audience and exploring the market.


Adashmore Creative started with market research and market planning. Insights from this process shaped the foundation for long-term brand development.


Brand Strategy

Defining the brand of a start-up is never easy. Particularly when the products are custom and the product lines are still being refined. This forced Tapologie’s brand to stand for something bigger. The idea that the best option has yet to be created. The design process allows the audience to customize a solution that is hand-crafted to fit their space.

Brand Identity

The Tapologie logo features gold and black to convey a high-end brand that promotes exclusivity and luxury. Photography emphasizes elements that create a space. Layout matches the aesthetic of the products.

Tapologie Logo
Baltimore Marketing Firm Helps Local Business

Brand Experience

As the company evolved, it transitioned from direct custom sales to personalized product lines sold through showrooms. This shift required updates across all channels. Thankfully, our advice saved Tapologie from investing too quickly in fixed marketing materials. Digital channels can be updated instantly and print is developed on demand only.

Brand Success

Being a Baltimore marketing firm, we figured helping a local business was pretty exciting, and it was. Once we saw their success after working with us, we were over the moon. Tapologie has since grown their business and has now moved into City Garage in Port Covington built and envisioned by Kevin Plank where they now are able to display their unique products in a custom space.

Tapologie Macbook
Tapologie whitesheets
Tapologie website

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