If you rely on another brand for your marketing, play nice and follow their brand standards. It’s amazing how many times we see logos of companies being misused. The biggest culprit is the Twitter logo. It’s only 9:30 in the morning and I’ve already seen at least five incorrect applications from various companies. Even a company that claims to know social media!

Wrong Uses of the Twitter Logo

Incorrect Use of Twitter Logo

How to find brand standards

With our endless desire for content, there are countless places you can download the “official” logo for almost any brand. However, if you are using a brand that encourages sharing (i.e. any social media brand), they make finding their logos easy. Not only will they give you a file for downloading the artwork, most explain proper and incorrect uses. It’s like a how to guide for not upsetting your fellow brands. Here are a few quick links:

All of these were easy to find. Just search for the brand name and the terms “brand standard.”