5 Ways a Referral Guide Can Help You Generate the Right Leads

Alisa Crowley

Brand Manager

If you’re a small business owner, referrals are the ultimate prize. When someone appreciates the work you did and recommends you to other people, there are huge benefits. However, if you asked your main referral partners to tell you exactly what you do, would they be able to? Do they know all of your service offerings and can they speak highly about your whole team? That’s where an effective referral guide comes in. It’s an at-a-glance way to show referrals the kind of partnerships you are looking for and the value your organization can provide. Below are some ways an effective referral guide can help you get more clients.

1. Get Your Story Straight

You know why you come to work every day but can you easily convey that to a strong referral partner? Understanding the “why” of your business, and making sure your referral partners do as well, ensures they’re directing the right leads to you.

2. The Full Monty

A referral guide should list the full breadth of services that you provide. Typically customers and referral partners focus on one or two offerings. Helping them understand everything you do opens the door for more referrals and upselling current customers. In order to provide the most value to potential clients, your partners need to understand everything you can offer.

3. Who are you, again?

Your partners know who you are. But do they know your team? Showcasing the team’s capabilities reinforces offerings and builds trust. It’s their reputation on the line as well, after all.

4. Mutually Beneficial Relationship

You want to be a strong referral partner too. Make sure your partners know that they can count on you. Tell them what you’re willing to provide in exchange. After all, you need value on both sides.

5. Who What Where

What does your ideal client look like? Where are they based and what do they do? Are their organizations small or large? Do they need to be undergoing some sort of change? Your referral guide should answer all of these questions and more in order to allow your partners to make the correct intros. Warm leads are solid leads and to get those, it is essential to communicate your wants and needs.

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