Branding…what’s that?

Brittany Guy

Creative Manager

I’ve been in the marketing field for about four years now. When I told my friends and family I was abandoning my dreams of becoming a lawyer to pursue my passion for all things marketing, no one was really surprised. “You’re such a people person,” “you’re so creative” or “you’re so outgoing,” and “I can see how marketing is a good fit for you” were common responses I received. These reactions were noticeable to me, but I didn’t think much of them at the time.

After spending a few years in the industry, it became clear to me where my true passion lies. I have a deep love for finding out what makes a brand unique and helping them tell that story with integrity and authenticity. So I went on a search to find an agency that has the same passion I do. As I embarked on this journey, I did a lot of research and Googling to see who was out there. “Marketing agency Baltimore.” “Marketing and Branding Baltimore.” “Creative agency Baltimore.” I ran all of these searches. I scoured social media and filtered through LinkedIn to find what I was looking for – but never once did I think to search “advertising agency Baltimore”.

When I told people about my new gig as Creative Manager here at Adashmore Creative, a lot of them looked at me with blank stares. ““So you’re going to an ad agency?” “Oh like Mad Men?” “That’ll be so much fun to work in advertising!” After about a week of getting similar responses, I realized a lot of people don’t actually understand what branding is, or more importantly what it isn’t.

Branding isn’t about a quick fix or a flash in the pan campaign. It’s about establishing a relationship and connecting with your audience on an emotional level. It’s gaining their trust and loyalty through genuine, authentic communication and engagement. It’s about being brave enough to take chances and trying something new that works for you. It’s a long-term relationship, not a campaign with a solid start and stop date.

There is a quote by Aerin Lauder Zinterhofer that I stand by both personally and professionally – “You always have to stay true to yourself. Even if something else is super successful, if it’s not on brand you shouldn’t do it.”. If you’re looking for new ways to stay true to your brand, or want to embark on a new branding adventure, get in touch.

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