Musings through the years from current and
past team members of Adashmore Creative.

The day I worked for myself

Chief Creative Officer I’m a small business owner in the professional services space with a few employees. On the surface, it’s easy to think that I work for myself. But the reality is I work for my clients and my employees. I work for the community through board...

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Why I Hate Salesforce

This post is a personal opinion based on my experiences. I know there are people who have great success with the software and that it has its merits. However, that seems to be the minority despite the fact there are so many users. Particularly for small to medium sized businesses.

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The Five W’s of Employee Marketing

Chief Creative Officer As a follow-up to our “the most overlooked part of your marketing budget,” here are some tips for engaging with your employees through marketing. You can also view our post on current customer marketing. WHO: Your employees are your culture and...

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