How to Know if A Brand Bible is Right for Your Organization

Alisa Crowley
Brand Manager

To start, it’s important to define what a brand bible is. It’s a book that creates parameters for everything regarding and pertaining to your brand. While typography and proper logo usage are elements, a brand bible also aims to dive into the heart and soul of your organization. Why do you do what you do and how does your team work together are just a few of the questions that should be answered.

Your organization would benefit from a brand bible if it meets the following criteria:


1. You have a business model that requires getting leads and making sales

When reaching out to prospects, a brand bible can convey what makes your organization different and how your team works with clients. It also features your elevator pitch as well as a rundown of the services that you offer. It’s an easy way to make an introduction that stands out above your competition.

2. You sometimes have to outsource projects and/or use vendors and strategic partners

A brand bible ensures that anyone touching your brand elements understands how to use them properly. Does your company prefer a certain tone and voice in written materials? That needs to be explained clearly. If you incorporate tag lines or have specific phrasing that must be incorporated, a brand bible clearly and concisely outlines it to any designer who might be helping your organization.

3. You have a strong corporate culture

If your culture helps sell your business offerings, a brand bible can definitely help. People want to work with people they like. It’s a simple premise but one that is proven time and time again. A good relationship is the backbone of any successful partnership and prospects want to know they can work well with your team. Because a brand bible lists your company’s values and should have a section about the kind of team you are, a prospect can get a good sense of what it will be like to work with your company.

4. You need to onboard new employees

When a new employee starts, all they know about you is what they researched on their own and gleaned from their interview. A brand bible integrates them into the company culture and gives them pride in knowing the type of company they work for. Not only does it easily answer questions about the brand, but it also shows the company values. Bonus: if you have a “company swag” section in your brand bible, they can see the awesome stuff they can expect to receive.

Still not sure if a brand bible is for you?

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