The Five W’s of Employee Marketing

Jen Dodson
Chief Creative Officer

As a follow-up to our “the most overlooked part of your marketing budget,” here are some tips for engaging with your employees through marketing. You can also view our post on current customer marketing.

  • WHO: Your employees are your culture and your culture is a huge part of your brand. It’s time to start treating it that way. Payroll is usually the biggest line item on a company budget. The team that you have is critical to functioning as a business. When their morale goes down, so does performance. Unfortunately, most internal communications are either too bland to do any value or left up to a complicated game of telephone between departments.
  • WHAT: Countless studies support having an engaged team. Doing that right means you provide clear vision, plenty of encouragement, and ongoing stimulation. It requires vision. Here are some tips on how to INSPIRE your employees.
    • Inform: You can do a lot with little bits of information. Use your employee marketing to educate your team on what’s happening within the company, sales, and industry. Give them the knowledge they need to be better problem solvers and brand ambassadors. Only then can they really make a difference for your customers and the business.
    • Nurture: We all know that Millennials are changing the working environment. They, like all employees thrive when nurtured. Provide training, connect them to resources, challenge them constructively, and be a coach.
    • Search: A good friend of mine just switched jobs and has no idea who can help with what. Use some creative marketing brainpower to develop a system to open channels of communication. The more people understand how something works, the easier it is for them to find opportunities to make it work better.
    • Permit: By nature, we want to fit in and be accepted. It’s human. That often means that people repeat bad habits in an effort to avoid disrupting the flow. Give your employees permission to push the envelope. Build guardrails for making positive change.
    • Influence: Saving feedback and suggestions for an employee handbook update or annual review is overwhelming and ineffective. It’s a lot easier to make a change a little bit at a time. Use team marketing to influence the behaviors you want and give tips on how to do better.
    • Reward: Create a culture of problem solving by acknowledging employees who go above and beyond. Celebrate team accomplishments. Make them proud to be your employee.
    • Entertain: Good employees integrate their job into their lives. Give them something good to talk about at happy hour. Build an emotional connection that’s hard to leave behind.
  • WHEN: While annual reviews and Christmas parties are important and can have a good impact, it’s not enough. You need to communicate and celebrate regularly throughout the year. Its more valuable and has shown to improve performance drastically.
  • WHERE: This really depends on your culture. The more organic it feels to your team, the better it will be. Because let’s be honest – how many companies actually want an app like Facebook for their company (it does exist for corporations)?
  • WHY: There are countless ways this helps your bottom line: improved performance, lower employee turnover, easier recruiting, happier customers, word-of-mouth marketing, etc.

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