The Five W’s of Current Customer Marketing

Jen Dodson
Chief Creative Officer

As a follow-up to our “the most overlooked part of your marketing budget,” here are some tips for engaging with your current customers through marketing.

  • WHO: Segment the list of your past customers based on how they have bought from you in the past. This allows you to focus on the more loyal customers while encouraging other customers.
  • WHAT: Do not sell them. No one wants to be sold. Period. End of story. Make sure you ENGAGE them:
    • Entertain: Your marketing should provide entertainment. That doesn’t mean it needs to be humor and full of trolling – although we do appreciate Wendy’s social media. You can entertain your audience with a thought provoking story or through something that connects with their hobbies.
    • Navigate: There is too much information in the world, and probably about your product/service/company for any one person to digest. Use your customer marketing efforts to help your audience navigate your brand. Point them to content that’s commonly missed. It could be something you own or that of a partner. If you are a CPA and see a good post from a lawyer about changing legal requirements on record keeping, chances are your audience would find it valuable. Plus, that lawyer may repay the favor.
    • Graduate: Don’t keep people on the same level forever. Once they’ve been with you for a year, their needs are in a different place. They don’t need to know about your product, they need more ways of using it.
    • Ask. Get their feedback slowly. No one wants to fill out a really long survey. Try little things to gauge their preferences. Planit is doing this in it’s coffee shop for creative campaigns. Kelsey’s Kloset does it between a few styles during new buying seasons.
    • Give: People want (need?) to feel special and rewarded for their loyalty. Make sure your customers get something for their loyalty. Beyond the obvious discounts and swags, you could get creative with your giveaway. How about lunch with an engineer? Or an extra ticket to the gala for the non-profit your CEO supports?
    • Educate. Being a resource is key to staying top of mind and building rapport.
  • WHEN: Base your communications on your sales cycle. If you sell a product or service once a year, then a monthly newsletter and some other nice touches are good. Personalized cards at holidays or birthdays. Host a speaker or networking event to allow your clients to gain knowledge and interact with each other. For the local lunch spot competing with big chains, you need to always be top of mind. Engage on social media regularly. Create a secret menu for insiders. Have a reward program.
  • WHERE: You can’t do everything well. Do your best to use your head more than your heart when deciding where to market. Your heart should go in the content and message. Really focus on a few key areas where you know your customers are engaged. A retirement home belongs on Snapchat as much as a donut shop belongs at a health convention.
  • WHY: We all know that retaining customers is cheaper than getting new ones. We also know that a happy customer is your best advocate. So why aren’t we including them in our strategies?

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