This Time it’s Personal

Jen Dodson
Chief Creative Officer

Adashmore Creative’s tagline is “encourage conversation.” It’s the core of what we do and something I personally embrace everyday. While I’ve been told I’m “so strong” countless times, getting through this experience was never about being strong. It was about doing what’s right and trying to make the most out of what life gives you. I never could have imagined a project this personal.  

In late 2015, I was sexually assaulted while getting a massage. So much about the situation was beyond my control and due to our legal system, wouldn’t be over anytime soon (still isn’t). I needed to channel my energy into something positive. That’s when I started reaching out to local non-profits who support survivors.

The night it happened, I turned to Google for help: What do I do? How do I cope? I realized first-hand that most websites were bad. They didn’t work on mobile. Content was outdated. Search rankings were non-existent. While I have a strong support system and healthcare that covers therapy, I know that many people are not that lucky. They need access to these resources and organizations should have a better presence online to support their mission. I decided to dedicate some of Adashmore’s resources towards making a difference.

Through the support of a technology grant, we were able to help TurnAround, Inc. go from this:

Turnaround original home page

To This:

Turnaraound new home page

As the site launched recently, I felt a tremendous sense of progress. I realized how far I’ve come in my healing and how much I’ve changed since the assault. I’ve talked fairly openly about my situation and heard stories from others. I am shocked and saddened by how many others have experienced sexual assault as well.

This post is my way of encouraging people to talk about it. To get help. To not feel alone.

The Get Help section guides a victim through what to expect and how to seek help. The Support a Loved One section has tips and resources for helping someone through an assault. There are also ways to educate yourself about sexual assault and make a difference for sexual assault survivors.

I hope that by coming forward and doing my part to support the cause, we can get closer to making significant changes in the legal system and expanding support for everyone.